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Welcome to Monarkin Kennels web site

Monarkin Kennels is located in Victoria, Australia. At Monarkin we breed AKITAS and SHIBAS for show and companionship.
All our Akitas and Shibas are raised in a country atmosphere with plenty of room for exercise and ample opportunity to interact with humans and other animals.

Monarkin Akitas and Shibas continue to have success in the show ring, winning In Group and In Show awards at All Breeds and Breed Specialty shows.

At Monarkin we are selective in our Akita and Shiba breeding programs to ensure our dogs exhibit correct breed characteristics, including temperament and size.

Akita and Shiba stud dogs are available, puppies and older dogs are sometimes available.

For AKITA and SHIBA stud and puppy enquiries contact Mike Higgins.
Mobile: 0409 406 240
Email: mikemonarkin@aol.com
Welcome to MONARKIN KENNELS - breeder and exhibitor of AKITAS and SHIBAS in Australia
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