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Akita Breed
Akita Breed
Monarkin Kennels are striving to retain true Akita breed traits in the breeding program and takes pride in the achievements of Monarkin Akita puppies, in the show ring and as companions.

Monarkin Akita bloodlines are behind some of the top winning Akitas shown in Australia and strive to maintain consistency and Akita breed type in the puppies bred at Monarkin.

Here are some pictures of Monarkin bred Akita puppies. If you are interested in an Akita please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss planned breedings.
Welcome to MONARKIN KENNELS - breeder and exhibitor of AKITAS and SHIBAS in Australia


Akita Litters and Available

AKITAS and SHIBAS in Australia

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For AKITA stud and puppy enquiries contact:
Mike Higgins.
Mobile: 0409 406 240
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